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Posted by: Leed Recruitment Limited <jobs@leedrecruitment.com> Date: 25/4/5

If you want to sell high value, state of the art, finance systems to mid range companies - and you want a really strong sales proposition that compels your prospects to buy now - then this is the career opportunity that you have been dreaming of.

Let’s face it, every mid range company already has an accounts system. In fact they are probably on their second or third system by now. So, if you want to sell big systems to mid range companies then you have to be able to offer something really special, something that will give them a clear competitive edge in their market. This company's software, with Business Intelligence ‘built in’, gives this competitive edge.

Within this organisation you will work with an elite team of IT professionals who can help you grow your knowledge and expand your horizons. You will enjoy continual training in cutting edge technology. The company are always first to market with new and exciting accounts software.

You will be an expert in needs analysis - examining your prospects business processes and identifying short falls, inefficiencies and blockages in their workflow. You will be an expert in demonstrating how modern technology can help accelerate business efficiency. You will have a track record in consultancy style selling of business and finance solutions.

You will be too good to waste your time prospecting for all your own sales leads. With talent like yours you will expect the majority of sales leads to be provided for you. You will be fed up selling yesterday’s news. You will be hungry for success. You will want top rewards and the opportunity to grow a substantial career in a company that values your talent. This is what is available for you at this company.

Achieve turnover of £600,000 software and services (reduced to £450,000 in the first year) Close a minimum of 2 significant sales per month
Demonstrate to a minimum of 14 companies a month
Set up an average of 20 face to face meetings with new customers per month

It is essential that you have a successful track record in selling sophisticated accounting solutions, preferably to mid range companies.

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