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Posted by: Leed Recruitment Limited <jobs@leedrecruitment.com> Date: 25/4/5

This strategic role has three key aspects: account management of a number of key resellers, sales management of their sales people and relationship building with accounting professionals in practice.

As a successful salesperson, you will already have a proven track record of selling accounting software solutions, drawing on your skills and experience of accounting practices, business processes, needs analysis and sales presentations.

In addition you will also be proven manager of both sales staff and the sales process itself. In this regard you will display your leadership skills along with your well organised and structured working routine. Running sales meetings, motivating the team and mentoring individuals to achieve greater success will be part of your every day experience.
Building relationships with a target list of accountants in practice will require your networking skills along with a strategic eye for opportunities and business development. This will be an excellent forum for you to demonstrate your ability to communicate at a high level to directors, accountants, partners and business influencers.
This is an excellent opportunity for a career salesperson who is looking to accelerate their already successful career with a progressive IT company with a proven record of growth, investment and stability.

Key Objectives For This Role

Increase the level of sales through our partners
Manage, motivate & educate sales people to achieve more sales
Provide corporate presence at large sales presentations
Build a close working relationship with the Top 60 accountancy practices

Essential Experience
It is essential that you have a successful track record in selling accounting solutions and sales management.

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