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> We normally travel from Kent to Norfolk in August for our holidays .There are
> two cars with five children and three adults .The last couple of years we
> have been fed up with the motorway services and as we usually stop half
> way around the Ipswich area I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there
> are a decent cafe or restaraunt where we can buy a nice, not too pricey
> meal that we won't have to wait an hour for and will be happy to serve us
> .You know the sort of thing ,not a Mc Donalds though as it's not really
> for us .

There's Dickie's Restaurant and Bar which is accessible from the A14 Eastbound about a mile before the Seven Hills interchange (where I'd presume you'd pick up the A12 to head North). Originally a truck stop, it does good food and reasonable value too.

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