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Live-in Care Worker

Posted by: Carewatch <elaine@carewatch-ipswich.co.uk> Date: 14/1/6

To provide care and support for elderly or disabled people in their own homes. Our client's mental and physical abilities vary widely. At the easier end of the scale are those who are mentally able but physically frail and just need someone to help with domestic tasks and be there in case of problems. At the more demanding end are those who are severely disabled, perhaps by a stroke or car accident and need full personal care and use of special equipment. We also provide services to people with early stages of dementia and those with terminal illnesses.
Duties will include helping people to wash and dress, toileting, bathing, meal preparation and prompting medication.

You will have sole responsibility, so previous care experience is essential.

Our government will not issue work permits for this type of work, so you must have a right to work in the UK (EU passport, working holiday maker visa, etc) www.workingintheuk.gov.uk and www.ukvisas.gov.uk provide information on this.
We need to check references and criminal records and have an interview before we can offer work. If you are offered work you then have to go through a training programme before you are allowed to work alone.

Because the recruitment and training process are quite long we are looking for people who can commit to a minimum of 12 months contract.

If you are interested in applying for a job please email your cv, showing your full work history, current location and stating what type of visa you will have. Or Tel 01473 744111

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