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Posted by: Leed Recruitment Limited <jobs@leedrecruitment.com> Date: 25/4/5

Successful Suffolk company require a Qualification Team Manager. This role is pivotal in improving the way in which they engage with people who have expressed an interest in the company. The objective is to lead each and every person who expresses an interest through to being a hot prospect, who can then be contacted by their dealer network.

The company currently take a relatively simple approach to qualification of enquiries in that at the time the conversation takes place a prospect is either a lead, or is not. You will, through both training and leading by example enable the qualification team to fire up a hot lead into a red-hot lead, turn a warm lead into a hot lead, and stay in touch with all other enquiries so as to nurture them through to ‘hot’ status. Managing this ‘pipeline’ is fundamental to the company's ability to gain maximum return on investment from their marketing activities.

A key facet is building and nurturing an individual relationship with each prospect. You will develop and implement a pipeline management strategy that utilises a range of communication media, and a range of messages appropriate to each prospect.

You will also build up an intimate understanding of the issues facing key industry sectors, and develop industry-specific response collateral to demonstrate to prospects that the company has a clear understanding of their issues.
Key responsibilities
Establish a conversion rate from ‘interest’ to ‘hot prospect’ of at least 60% following first contact. Augment this with a further conversion of 20% by managing the subsequent interactions.
Specify and implement any improvements required to the in-house CRM system in order to manage the above.
Acquire a deep understanding of the issues facing accounts users in our target market sectors, and develop industry-specific messages and collateral to drive the improvement in conversion rates.
Manage the qualification team, and motivate them to achieve your goals. The team is currently two staff, but likely to grow as the number of enquiries and leads increases.

Essential experience
Hands-on experience in a direct telesales / prospecting environment.
Proven ability to formulate and deliver a training programme that shows clear benefits. Experience in initiating and developing persuasive, professional collateral in a business to business environment.
Track record in reviewing and improving work processes (people and systems) in order to deliver on objectives

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